About us

domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Originally named Regionlink, our company was established 5 April 1993 as Thailand’s sole distributor for domnick hunter ltd. UK (now Parker Hannifin) compressed Air Filters & Dryers (Desiccant & Refrigeration), Vacuum Filters, Breathing Air Systems, Liquid Filters, and Gases Generators. Co-operating Regionlink in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 1998 Regionlink was standardized to domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., reflecting our commitment to domnick hunter ltd. UK’s legacy for industrial compressed air and air purification systems, which was already in more than 24 countries around the world.

Now in cooperation with Parker Hannifin, we remain dedicated to our lifetime guarantee to support the design life of our ISO 9001 certified products.

The company has the headquarters located at 99/1-3 Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 with 4,000 square metres of working space and has 3 branches to serve customers all over Thailand.


Improving the quality is raising the standard of work. And quality control system. Organizations need to keep standards up. Because of the high demand of customers. The goal is to improve quality, improve and develop the need to have a complete operation.

Not only world-class products but also world-class service, fast service within 48 hours after the problem. Satisfy customers with service-minded. And fast response within allocated time.

domnick hunter-RL (Thailand) trusted in world class quality products. With sales growing to nearly 300 million in 2013 and serving more than 1,000 customers in various industries across the country.

domnick hunter-RL public Limited was established in 1963 as a leader in the compressed air industry. International covers 24 Worldwide. Moreover we are one of the best filter manufacturer in the world. Certified for ISO 9001/14001 of the world’s first production of air filters. So you can trust and reliable in industries with high quality wind requirements.



We, Domnick Thailand, declare the possibility of being the united corporate. We are committed to be the leader in excellence through strong products and services, enabling Domnick to support Thailand 4.0 with stability, wealth, and sustainability.


To achieve our set vision and create maximum customer satisfaction, we have set the following 4 missions:

  • We will procure excellent, user-friendly, environmentally-friendly, highly effective, and cost-saving products for our customers.
  • We will maintain a high quality of post-sale services as we have always done so.
  • We will develop creative sales and marketing programs that are highly effective to meet our customers’ needs.
  • We will develop human resources and provide training to keep up with technological changes and provide new services to give our customers the best products and services while providing support that most accurately matches customers’ needs.